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August 19, 2021 | The Boiling Point - Los Angeles Times
...The students are promoting the idea that Big Law is an extremely profitable industry that should be held accountable for its choice of clients...
“Who else but attorneys are so aptly placed to advise fossil fuel clients as to what’s coming, and how to transition?” asked Gayatri Joshi, executive director of the Law Firm Sustainability Network...


August 18, 2021 | The American Lawyer
...Clients’ own preferences, including their sustainability concerns, are increasingly likely to inform how their law firms approach travel. Pamela Cone, founder and CEO of Amity Advisory, is hearing general counsel lose interest in seeing their outside counsel as frequently as they once did...Getting smaller and more energy efficient was a prescient move. But the clearest benefits of “agile work,” as the firm is calling it, are bound to be less in reducing emissions and more in securing and holding onto talent. That lines up with a call from Detterman to alight on a wider understanding of sustainability...




Pro Bono Opportunities in Climate Change Session
April 14, 2021
How are lawyers helping to address climate change? Authors Mike Gerrard and John Dernbach of Legal Pathways to Deep Carbonization and some of the project participants share how volunteers can support this pro bono initiative by exploring opportunities to draft or peer review model laws or assist in reaching out to policymakers.  Reach out and learn more.



Corporate pressure to cut carbon trickles down to law firms


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As pressure on corporations to cut carbon emissions grows, some companies are expecting their outside law firms, as vendors contributing to their footprint, to pull their weight… "Many (firms) are feeling that push from their clients to become more environmentally sustainable and to reduce their environmental impact," said Gayatri Joshi…Joshi said she's noticed clients asking increasingly substantive questions about their law firms' sustainability efforts in recent years…Law firms' biggest sources of carbon emissions include their paper use, the energy used in sprawling office spaces and the fossil fuels burned by extensive business travel, said Joshi and Daniel Krainin, a principal at Beveridge & Diamond, who are both Law Firm Sustainability Network board members...




Over the next few months, governors and mayors addressing the COVID-19 pandemic with stay-at-home restrictions may begin to lift them as they see their states and cities stabilize.  At that point, businesses may have the choice of allowing employees back into physical office spaces. In this session we discuss the challenges and considerations of having employees in the office and what options to consider to do so both safely and sustainably. 




Wednesday, January 26, 2022
12PM ET 

GHG Emissions Reporting for Law Firms - Where to Start



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